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Corded Hot Melt Strapping

Material: polyester Width: 13mm 16mm 19mm 25mm Linear Breaking Strength: 200kg-1000kg

Product Details

As the producer of corded hot melt strapping in china,Qindao Strapping Pack Co.,Ltd. specialize in manufacturing and exporting a range of corded hot melt strapping.This latest generation of super tough, high tensile, non-woven corded hot melt strapping is made from monofilament yarn bonded in hot melt glue and is widely used in colder climates where it is completely weather-proof. It is as strong as steel but six times lighter. And with higher elongation and shock absorbance properties, will not lose its tension if the load contracts or expands.

The dramatic increase in the cost of steel has driven many companies to seek an economical alternative to steel strapping. Monofilament, non-woven corded polyester strap provides the same performance at a fraction of the cost and with a yield per roll three times that of steel, recent studies have demonstrated that some companies are saving up to 78% by converting to corded polyester strapping. The standard 16mm strap width will provide a breaking strain of around 550kgs and is ideal for many heavy duty applications.

To make sure you get the best performance from polyester strapping, take a look at our range of polyester strapping tools and dispensers.


· Polyester strap will not stretch under load as much as polypropylene

· PET cord strap is non-toxic and will not corrode, rust or stain

· Hotmelt polyester strapping is not affected by sunlight or weather

· Polyester can be used on heavier loads traditionally strapped with steel

· Heavy-grade polyester strapping is stronger than light grade steel strap

· Safer to use - polyester does not spring back like steel banding

· Polyester strap has a very high capacity to absorb shocks during transport

· PET strap has no sharp edges to damage your products or forklift tyres

· Polyester retains its initial tension ensuring stability of loaded pallets

· PET cord is cheaper with up to 3 times more strapping per roll than steel


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